I started Life with Lauren while I was a Public Relations major at UNT (as if I wasn’t already writing enough) and I couldn’t get enough.

I dreamed of starting my own blog for years and I finally published my first post in my last semester. I wish I would have started sharing posts sooner even though I was an extremely busy college student. But I’m so glad I made the time for writing and started this passion of mine. Keep scrolling for posts from my time in undergrad!

Grad School Organization Tips

Hi readers! Some of you may know this is my first semester of grad school! I am working full-time and taking a full load of classes so I have to stay on top of all my different deadlines. I’m confident about juggling it all and excited to start this new journey. I will be sure … Continue reading Grad School Organization Tips

Adjusting to Life Post-Grad

First of all- congratulations! Whether you graduated a little over a month ago, like me, or three years ago graduating from college is a great accomplishment to be proud of. Now, let’s get real- the last few weeks (and months- if we’re being honest) of undergrad are filled with so many questions. Will I land … Continue reading Adjusting to Life Post-Grad

Reflection on 2017

2017 was a BIG year for me. It’s safe to say more than a few life milestones occurred this year. As the new year begins I can’t help but reflect on all of the changes that have happened in my life. Chase and I got engaged, I graduated from college, got to visit Europe twice, … Continue reading Reflection on 2017

Thank You Her Campus

Thank you for a platform to share my ideas. Thank you for a network of strong college women. Thank you for a chance to write for the #1 online magazine for college women. There is a lot to be thankful to Her Campus for as I reflect on four semesters of being involved in the … Continue reading Thank You Her Campus

My Community College Experience

I felt compelled to write a blog post about my experience as a community college student due to all of the stereotypes these students face. I understand that situations differ from person to person so the following is simply my opinion. I hope to help someone who has gone through a similar situation or to just … Continue reading My Community College Experience


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