I started Life with Lauren while I was a Public Relations major at UNT (as if I wasn’t already writing constantly) and I couldn’t get enough.

I dreamed of starting my own blog for years and I finally published my first post in my last semester. I wish I would have started sharing posts sooner even though I was an extremely busy college student. But I’m so glad I made the time for writing and started this passion of mine. Keep scrolling for posts from my time in undergrad and as a current graduate student!

Working with Keywords

I started my blog back in college for several reasons. One was to document everything happening in my life (like a diary for the world to see). Another was because I am a very creative person and love writing for fun. But a big reason, and one that inspires everything I do is to help… Continue reading Working with Keywords

Grad School Organization Tips

Hi readers! Some of you may know this is my first semester of grad school! I am working full-time and taking a full load of classes so I have to stay on top of all my different deadlines. I’m confident about juggling it all and excited to start this new journey. I will be sure… Continue reading Grad School Organization Tips

Adjusting to Life Post-Grad

First of all- congratulations! Whether you graduated a little over a month ago, like me, or three years ago graduating from college is a great accomplishment to be proud of. Now, let’s get real- the last few weeks (and months- if we’re being honest) of undergrad are filled with so many questions. Will I land… Continue reading Adjusting to Life Post-Grad

Reflection on 2017

2017 was a BIG year for me. It’s safe to say more than a few life milestones occurred this year. As the new year begins I can’t help but reflect on all of the changes that have happened in my life. Chase and I got engaged, I graduated from college, got to visit Europe twice,… Continue reading Reflection on 2017

Thank You Her Campus

Thank you for a platform to share my ideas. Thank you for a network of strong college women. Thank you for a chance to write for the #1 online magazine for college women. There is a lot to be thankful to Her Campus for as I reflect on four semesters of being involved in the… Continue reading Thank You Her Campus


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