Be THE BOSS of your life. After all, we’re all just figuring it out as we go.

I’m no pro but I’m sharing what I can. I’ve held roles in everything from a personal stylist to managing influencers and controlling social accounts to marketing. Cheers to women helping other women!

Let’s Talk About Mondays

Can we really, though? Can we talk about the day no one wants to talk about? Everyone dreads it, pushes it back, but we all experience it. “I’m having a terrible day but it’s okay because it’s Monday.” “My day is okay for a Monday, I guess.” “I’m so ready for Monday to be over.”… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Mondays

Why Multitasking is a Myth

I’m here to warn you about something that might be ruining your daily life and up until now you may have considered it a good thing or even a skill, but not one that improves with practice. I’m talking about how Multitasking is a myth. I’m that old-fashioned person that (for the most part) works… Continue reading Why Multitasking is a Myth

My First Month at Trunk Club

Whenever I tell people I’m a Stylist at Trunk Club in Dallas they usually respond with something along the lines of, “What’s a Trunk Club?” or “You get paid to do what?”. To be fair, I definitely don’t have a typical full-time job. It’s far from conventional when compared to teachers, nurses, etc. So, I… Continue reading My First Month at Trunk Club

I’m Employed!

Before I started this semester, I made a list of goals (what else is new). At the very top of that list was locking down a job before graduation. I had several peers (and even mentors) tell me I was aiming too high or to not get my hopes up. Truth be known, December graduates… Continue reading I’m Employed!

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