Life with Lauren is for my love of writing and sharing my adventures with you.

Hi, I’m Lauren. As a digital media manager and a public relations major in college, I seriously love playing with words. I spend most of my time with my husband Chase and two shih tzu’s. Keep scrolling for recent blog posts!

Working with Keywords

I started my blog back in college for several reasons. One was to document everything happening in my life (like a diary for the world to see). Another was because I am a very creative person and love writing for fun. But a big reason, and one that inspires everything I do is to help… Continue reading Working with Keywords

Mental Health and the Holidays

This is a re-post of a blog I wrote for Connections Wellness Group. The original blog is posted here. For many people, the holidays are the happiest time of the year. For others, it can be the most difficult season for their mental health. The holiday season can be the hardest time of the year… Continue reading Mental Health and the Holidays

5 Steps to Build Resiliency

A lot of us (or maybe everyone on planet Earth) are ready for the new year to begin and officially bring 2020 to a close. Although I hate to be the bearer of bad news the virus won’t magically disappear when the clock strikes midnight and we will still have hurdles to jump. However, I… Continue reading 5 Steps to Build Resiliency


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