ThredUp Fall Haul

I have a fall clothing haul to share with y’all! Fall is hands-down my favorite season to dress for. Cooler weather, crisp autumn leaves, coffee dates, and in-season colors that tend to compliment my red hair make for the most fashionable time of year.  

What is ThredUp? ThredUp is one of my favorite places to but secondhand clothes from and my favorite online one by a long shot. There are a few consignment shops in Dallas I am loyal to but have not felt comfortable to shop in-person for the last few months.

I discovered this company around two years ago (even though I wish I found out about them when they started in 2009) and rave to all of my friends about it. It’s about time I share some of my finds here!  I have made a very conscious effort to invest in more ethical clothing options. This is a way to do so that is affordable, easy, and trustworthy. If you want to learn more about their mission click on their about page here.

I have learned a lot about fast fashion in the past few months (and am continually learning more that is pushing me away). If you want to learn more about this ugly issue click on this article, read this visual report, or watch this. We all cast a vote with our purchases whether we know it or not and I am trying to be a better human here!!

Most recent purchases: Overall, I would describe this bundle as fall classics. These pieces were purchased for less than half their sticker price (if not much lower).

For example, this Vince sweater is normally over $300 full-price (I know, I used to style and sell them at that price) and I paid only $60 after an additional promo code and free shipping for bundling with other items. Yay, for eliminating waste!

Other favorite purchases in the past: This Calvin Klein blazer I scored for less than $30! If you can’t tell I’m really loving blazers right now and especially unique colors like this one. I can already tell I will love it for years to come.

Tips & tricks: You know I love y’all when I’m willing to share my most successful shopping trips for their website. The below steps are for when you’re using a desktop. Also, I created a profile so my sizes are always saved for each search. They regularly have promos online and different specials for new customers. Typically, I search by brand instead of category so in the search tool I will type in all those luxury brands I learned from being a personal stylist a few years ago.

-Search your favorite brand or item you are looking for

-Scroll down through filters

-Select boxes for “new” and “like new” so you’re seeing the best quality items first

-Select the price range you’re comfortable with

-Ta-da! Now you will be seeing the items best suited for you

Have fun finding your amazing pieces for even better prices and be sure to come back and thank me 😉 Even though I’m going to do my best to be a more conscientious consumer (even though the problem is much bigger than I and corporations need to be held accountable for their mass waste and degrading work conditions). I am going to continue to educate myself but also give myself grace for not always getting it right.

Happy (ethically/ morally/ socially) responsible shopping!!

*this post is not sponsored

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