Let’s Talk About Mondays

Can we really, though? Can we talk about the day no one wants to talk about? Everyone dreads it, pushes it back, but we all experience it.

“I’m having a terrible day but it’s okay because it’s Monday.”

“My day is okay for a Monday, I guess.”

“I’m so ready for Monday to be over.”

There are 53 Mondays in a year. Do you see where I am going with this? Why is it socially acceptable for us to mentally throw away 53 days this year? We’ve got to stop.


Isn’t it funny how we don’t realize how much we want to do something until we can’t do it. I could be laying in bed bored on a Sunday and only want to watch tv but the moment I’m at a required event I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to write X blog post, need to reach out to X, or should’ve cleaned X.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

We live in a society where we compete to see who is the busiest. Somewhere along the way being busy started to equate to being successful and we’re all thrown in the race. Yes, it’s important to be productive but we shouldn’t be saying “yes” to everything for the sake of having a full to-do list.

This leaves little left for the time we need to re-charge and hobbies that inspire us. When we take too much on our plate we tend to over-think situations that lead to the worst results. Sunday scaries are real, and a lot of us have experienced them whether we know it or not.

“The Sunday scaries are the anxieties one experiences on Sunday when thinking about the impending workweek, school week, or other obligations that await in the week ahead. They are especially bad when accompanied by an end-of-the-weekend hangover,” according to dictionary.com.


Of course, we’re all going to have bad days. I’m not sure what season you’re in, but I wrote out a list that has been beneficial for me. Below are some tips that have helped me ease into the work week a little easier and possibly even enjoy that oh so dreaded day.

-Have Something To Look Forward To

One of my life mantras, in general, is to always have something to look forward to, especially when trying to prevent max burnout from the best trip ever. Post-trip blues are definitely a thing for a travel bug like me and Mondays can be that way for a lot of people. Why save all the fun for the weekend? Whether it’s something small like dinner with a good friend on a weeknight or having tickets for a big concert the next weekend having a countdown will mentally get you through those tough times.

-Be Present

I promise I’m not trying to be like Ghandi over here but there is so much beauty in unplugging and taking in our surroundings and just being somewhere. Part of why Mondays get us down is because it’s the start of what may be a hectic workweek and we wonder if we are ever going to measure up. When our brains do that we are not living in the now and instead worrying about what lies ahead. As a Type A person to the core, I’m always trying to plan ahead but there is so much to be missed when only looking forward. Don’t worry about what’s due next week and just accomplish what you can. Worrying does nothing but rob the joy of right now.

-Rediscover Lost Talents

Personally, I used to love crafting. Almost all of my gifts to close friends would be something I handmade. Honestly, I stopped doing it. I didn’t even realize until one of my sweet friends, was asking why I don’t craft anymore. A little surprised, I looked at her and shrugged “I don’t know” but I plan on picking it up again soon. Whether it’s cycling, reading, or cooking find something that makes you lose track of time because you enjoy it so much. Then do keep doing that. I have a few projects I’m ready to start that have me looking forward to next Monday! This way you have something that you’re excited to do once you get home instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

-Get a New Job

This is super dramatic, I know. But if the Sunday scaries are more like fright fests, you are due for a big life change. Trust me, I’ve been there. Sure, it could be something as serious as needing a career change but sometimes the solution can be as small as working out before work (not that I have any experience with that whatsoever). Basically, if this is a reoccurring obstacle you face then something needs to change about your Monday. No one knows what that change needs to be except for you. Looking inward is the first step and from here you will find what you need to change and can start having a better start to your week. Don’t get me wrong, I am NO SAINT here. But I’m trying and improving a lot and that’s what matters. Sunday scaries? Not here!

After all, life is about so much more than waiting for the perfect day to come, it’s about creating it.


Thanks for reading!


photos courtesy of stocksnap.io

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