Announcement: Exciting Career Change

Hi there,
I am so excited to announce that I will be working as an Influencer Marketing Coordinator at VizSense in Dallas! Even though today is my very first day, wish me luck! I wanted to take a jab at explaining my exciting new gig.
What does an Influencer Marketing Coordinator even do?
I get excitement from the fact that essentially all of my internships and jobs are roles that did not even EXIST 10 years ago. Heck, I would argue even five years ago. I will be responsible for the identification and management of influencers, brand research, assistance in creating deliverables and limited travel as required by

customers. So I will be working with social media, marketing, and making client presentations. In the most basic explanation, I will be the point of contact with micro-influencers.
Wait, a micro-what you may ask?
Microinfluencers are non-celebrity influencers who curate passionate and specific online communities and set in motion the next trend. The data on who they are and the composition of their communities inform marketers on the strength and context of a brand conversation.” -Jon Iadonisi, Founder and CEO of VizSense
Your favorite beauty blogger, Youtube fitness junkie, and Instagram travel account will fall in this category. The above quote is pulled from an article on Adweek that explains a lot of what my job will entail.
What is VizSense
“We are a company that provides influencer intelligence, strategy, and campaign coordination for brands, talent and creators. VizSense collects and analyzes unique insights, giving brands tools to identify, validate and measure the impact of influencer campaigns. In addition to these ventures, we are constantly innovating in-house and work at the cutting-edge of technology in the booming influencer marketing industry.”
Why did you decide to make a career change?
I was that nerd in college that was OBSESSED with my major. Once I chose Public Relations as my desired field, I never went back. I was that student that was leading student organizations, mentoring, working internships during the semester (two unpaid ones to be clear), and anything else I could do to still be involved and still have a life. The truth is that I missed all of the creativity, drafts, and social media that I used to get such a rush from. I am so excited to start working in a collaborative environment where I’m pushed to learn new things.
Will you keep us updated on your new career journey? 
Thanks for reading,

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