5 Things No One Tells You About Changing Your Last Name

The wedding is over and you have returned from a blissful honeymoon. All along your wedding planning journey, you would receive (sometimes unsolicited) advice on everything from which venue to book to how many people you should invite to the big celebration. Months of stressful planning have come to an end but there is one part of getting married no one wants to talk about… changing your last name (*insert sound -effect “dun dun dun”).

I hope that this somewhat wearisome list and hopefully helpful advice helps upcoming brides and provides a giggle for anyone who has endured this process previously. Here we go!

Sepulvador (283 of 353)

  1. Plan to carry your most confidential papers with you to every stop. It was surprisingly more difficult to get my name changed through my bank than it was to get a new Social Security card. You may need to provide proof of identity with unexpected documents like a voter’s registration card, cell phone bill, your birth certificate, etc. Basically, just expect your identity to be continually questioned for a few months.
  2. Practice your new signature before you visit the DMV. Especially if you have a last name as challenging as Sepulvador… I am now a proud owner of a childish signature on my license because I waited to write my new last name in cursive for the first time when getting my license. Don’t let this be you…
  3. Get a good book. In my experience, over three hours at the DMV, one hour at the social security office, and another at the bank all make for some quality reading time. Besides, you can only refresh Instagram so many times!
  4. People will doubt your legitimacy. A simple errand like picking up wine for girls night may turn into the beginning of a public identity crisis. A manager may have to get involved when your credit card and ID don’t match up. It’s awkward.
  5. Help others. I personally text my all of friends that live in the Dallas area that are getting married soon of which DMV to not visit and what times to avoid from personal experience. Friends don’t let friends waste half a day at the DMV, am I right??

Fortunately, when it’s all over you get to enjoy time as newlyweds and get giddy at the thought of being Mrs. _____. This is an exciting time full of change and once the hard part is over there is so much to celebrate!

I want to hear from you? Was your name changing process as painful as mine? What you do recommend others to do differently?

6 thoughts on “5 Things No One Tells You About Changing Your Last Name

  1. I love this! I got pretty lucky because I hyphenated my new last name with my maiden name so I haven’t run into any issues with people doubting who I am. I did find it funny that it was so much easier to get a new social security card then it was to update my bank account information. My husband and I spent a whole day after our honeymoon going around to the DMV, Social Security, Banks, etc to get these changes made. It really helped having him by my side!

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