Closing Chapter: North Texas Sweethearts

Tuesday night, I became a North Texas Sweetheart alumna at closing ceremony. I am so thankful to have joined an organization that I cannot imagine my college career without. These are a group of women that I call my sisters at UNT.


What is North Texas Sweethearts?

We are an all-female student organization that dedicates our time and effort into promoting Mean Green student spirit as well as going beyond our campus by involving ourselves in a plethora of service around the Denton community as well as working close with our philanthropy, the National Brain Tumor Society. Our other focus is to not only develop a sisterhood within our organization but to help unify the clubs and organizations of the University of North Texas by attending and participating in different campus-wide events.

You can read all about North Texas Sweethearts here.

My Sweethearts Story

Sweaty palms, nervous laughter and an obnoxiously big smile are a few words to describe myself at North Texas Sweethearts recruitment two and a half years ago. In fact, I was so nervous I almost didn’t go to recruitment. I was a brand-new transfer student to the University of North Texas from Tarrant County College. Even though I had a few friends at UNT I did not know one person in North Texas Sweethearts. I am by no means an introvert but the idea of walking into a room with 60 plus females I don’t know struck fear.

Fast forward four semesters and this is truly an organization I cannot picture my college experience without. Sweethearts is a circle of sisters where I have found some of my (not so future) bridesmaids, someone I can always grab coffee with and my closest friends. North Texas Sweethearts is an experience that I do not regret in the least bit. I am thankful to have found a sisterhood that makes UNT feel like home.

As a senior, I am glad I got to give back to this organization in my last semester. Although I graduate this month I want to extend help to members who may need help around campus or just need a friend in Denton. I have enjoyed mentoring girls who want advice regarding anything from Public Relations (I love talking about my major) to blogging. I know that Sweethearts was extremely comforting to me when I barely knew any familiar faces upon transferring. Just a few of the reasons I am thankful for North Texas Sweethearts include: making countless memories, several close friends, unlimited photos and an entire sisterhood that I can count on.

This experience serves as a testament to get out of your shell and try new experiences. Fear of rejection stops many of us from shooting for what we want whether its friendships, a career move or learning something new. It’s important to throw yourself out there no matter how vulnerable you feel because we often think of all of the things we can lose when really you have everything to gain!

Even though I hold many responsibilities on and off campus I have continued to dedicate time for an organization that I call home, North Texas Sweethearts. If anyone has any questions about joining or would like to grab coffee, please reach out!

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