My College Journey

         There are 43 days until graduation. I never thought this time would come. I find myself a little more emotional than usual during this last semester of college. Knowing that I am experiencing a lot of “lasts” is both sad and exciting. 

            Tarrant County College is where my college journey began. I served as President and Vice President of Student Government Association. Although I did not attend TCC by choice it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. No, I did not attend community college because of a lack in determination or grades. Unfortunately, community college students face so many negative stigmas. So many, that a separate blog post will be posted soon addressing it. 

            Next, I transferred to the University of North Texas for 2 ½ years to earn my Bachelors in journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology. Obtaining my degree has been a long winding road for me full of potholes I managed to swerve around. Like most students I was never just a college student. But a leader of student organizations who worked jobs, held internships, volunteered and was heavily involved on campus.

            I am trying to enjoy all of these “lasts”. I am going to miss all of my sisters in North Texas Sweethearts and the fun memories I have made with them. Public Relations Student Society has provided so many networking and travel opportunities for me. I am going to miss all of my PRSSA peeps so much! Her Campus has been a great community of strong females and a chance for me to blog before starting my own. I may have not had much free time in college, but all of the student organizations I have been in have been worth it. 

           Then again, I am excited for the next chapter of my life! It will be so nice to finally earn a decent paycheck. As well as, living in a nice apartment in the city (versus student living). This is also the last semester of Chase and I being long distance. I cannot wait to finally be in the same city again. 

            If I were asked to give advice to a freshman entering college I would tell them “be involved on campus as much as possible, try new things, take your studies seriously and enjoy it all because it truly is over before you know it.” I don’t have any regrets about the choices I made during my college career and I am excited about what post-grad life is going to bring!

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